Everyday Reboot #38 – 101

Today I bring you some good news. I know a rarity in this day and age and if you are not into transformation stories, I guess I will see you tomorrow.

Last year was tough for me, though for a variety of reasons that I am not going to get into here. I felt hopeless, powerless and had to submit to a chain of events that would write off a full year of my life. To my friends, to my family I put on a brave face, I was quite prepared to hold the world on my shoulders and protect vulnerable, unwell people from unnecessary stress and pressure.

The truth was, that although I was, and still am, happy to take on the responsibility to care for people, last year may have been a step too far.

Financially, I was broke and unable to make the moves that I would have liked. I was looking after ill people and not being compensated as one should from the social security service. I had to fight the authorities tooth and nail on behalf of someone who was physically and mentally unequipped to do so. It was horrible, the feeling of desperation, of helplessness, is one I will not shake off quickly.

In November of last year, during the tail end of this time, though I didn’t know when this tortuous ordeal would end, I decided to get in shape.

I have always been a big lad, bigger than my peers, I have a large frame and while caring for family members have always put my health last. Often health care professionals would tell me to look after myself a bit better, I always thought that as long as the person I was caring for was being looked after than my health is secondary to that aim.

November, I decided to get into the gym and work my butt off to be the best version of myself that I can be. I want to get in shape so I can care for the sick people that I do and get a part-time job so that I would have financial stability.

In February the fighting stopped, we won and we can now put that turmoil behind us. I had lost a significant amount of weight, but the fight with the authorities had ignited a flame that would not die. I needed to get fit, to gain employment so that I and the people I care for will never find themselves in this position again.

Of course, I would have my off days, days where I would eat something that I was not supposed to, but you know what I did? I forgot about it and went to the gym the next day to run (ok jog, slowly) it off.

The gym has become my sanctuary, a place where I go to mentally detox from my responsibilities, to put my ducks in a row and count my blessings. In 10 months I have lost 101lbs. Everyone keeps telling me how much of an achievement it is, and I do acknowledge that. But, I should never have been that heavy in the first place. I let this happen to myself, but it also me who has corrected it.

The job is not done, I am not finished. In total, I want to lose 150lbs and see where that takes me. Hopefully I will be further along in my journey, I will have combatted and achieved everything I have set out to do.

Who knows what is around the corner? All I know is that I will be in the gym on Tuesday working to make sure I can physically make it there.

Till the next reboot…

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