Everyday Reboot #37 – Delay

Is there anything more disappointing than when you have been waiting for something, anything, that you have been looking forward to, for it to be delayed? The worst part is when you are none the wiser as to when you are going to get to receive or experience the thing you have been looking forward to.

Life is pretty grim, we each have things that we cling to, a light at the end of the tunnel, something that we appreciate and want to spend our time on. I mean, the majority of our time is spent in either a classroom, at work, looking after family and doing pretty dull tasks, that we need something to look forward to as a bit of motivation to get through the days, weeks and months.

A tad dramatic, but I think that without hobbies and interests life would be a pretty dark place. You only have to take a look at the news. When was the last time you picked up a newspaper, browsed online or tuned into the television and were met with positive news reports?

Bad news and negativity sell, which I have always found a tad strange. Cynicism is the currency, mistrust and refusing to accept somebodies communique as truth is the standard default. How on earth did we get here? Where we mistrust the information offered by our nearest and dearest.

So when you get to the release date, a date of a concert, gig or play, or whatever you’re looking forward to and you are met with a delay, the disappointment is hard to shake off. The disappointment can manifest itself into a child-like tantrum, online moaning, rage at what was supposed to be your day to escape the mundane reality and step into a world in which you can forget.

It gets silly because of course there are good reasons for delays in you being entertained. After all, entertainment is an industry with the sole purpose to profit of your craving to escape this realm. A delay in a project is a delay in accumulating cash, and no business person, who let’s face it makes all the decisions in art and entertainment, wants that.

I have seen a whole host of people complain on social media about delays, and though I do get where the anger comes from, a sense of crushing disappointment, I still find it unnecessary. Aggressive strong-arm tactics seldom work. I was brought up to believe that stamping your foot was a waste of energy, that nothing comes at a click of a finger.

Patience is the key, wait your turn and things will come together eventually, you can’t do anything when it is out of your control. But with the advent of social media, with the power shifting to the audience, where the audience can share their opinion and rule through a mob mentality, these virtues are all but extinct.

Remember, good things come to those who wait.

Till the next reboot…

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