Everyday Reboot #35 – Waiting

I sit here typing on my laptop in my mothers living room. Occasionally looking out of the window as I wait for somebody from the council to action repairs on my mother’s home.

I had to give the council a ring last week, my Mum struggles to handle things like this and I am happy to do this for someone who can not. She has been running around all morning panicking that she might miss the council, that they might not be able to repair the fault in her house.

The repair is the changing of a switch. The pull switch in the bathroom has broken and a replacement switch is needed. It will take a professional 10 minutes to perform this repair. So why don’t I do it?

Well, when it comes to DIY, I have two left hands. I have always been terrible with electrics, woodwork or building and putting together things, to the point where I can admit that we need to get a professional in.

I know, I can hear you now as you hear this. That is pathetic! A defeatist attitude, get up to the bathroom and change the switch yourself.

Maybe I should look into improving my DIY skills, men from previous generations seem to be able to turn their hands to anything. If it is not computing-related, or writing-related I am neither use nor ornament to my family. I can not hang wallpaper, or install light fittings, or perform simple plumbing tasks.

But where does one learn how to do these things, YouTube, books, people?

Or is it best, when unsure, to get the professionals in and let them sort it out. When dealing with electrics is that not the best way, rather than hurt yourself or others around you?

To get the professionals in you have to wait your turn. There are others who also need repairs and you have to join the queue.

That is where I am at the moment, waiting my turn in the queue, twiddling my thumbs trying to pass the time as productively as I can.

Until there is a knock at the door, I greet two council workers, two people who show their identification to me like detectives or the FBI. I let them in and show them the problem.

One problem, the call centre office that I had to contact has sent a plumber and not an electrician for this problem.

They refuse to even look at the problem. I have the wrong specialists in the house and they can not replace my mother’s switch.

They ring the call centre and tell them that we need an electrician and not a plumber. I am in the queue again, forever waiting for a replacement switch for the shower.

All the stress this morning, running around trying to make it back for the repair workers, moving things to make room for the workers to be able to navigate to the circuit breaker will have to be put back.

When will this switch be done? I still haven’t been given a time, maybe it would be quicker for me to learn a trade and perform the repair myself?

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