Everyday Reboot #30 – Deadlines

The deadline is the ultimate motivation. Do or die, make it or break it, the deadline is written in stone and is irremovable. Deadlines usually mean that other people or services are depending on you. Are you going to let them down by giving up? Or are you going to step up to the plate and conquer the mountain?

Everything seems to arrive at once. Deadlines are usually clumped together. You can be cruising along minding your own business and then a tidal wave of work can come in and build to a crescendo of peak stress, peak pressure, where the minutes of the day vanish.

You have to roll up your sleeves, plan your time, make lists and keep spinning the plates. What is the alternative? To give up, to not get through the work, to not make things happen? As far as I am concerned that to me is not an option. Don’t get me wrong, it would have been in the past. When I found things less than ideal, I would have given in, such as the naivety of youth. But today, I am different. I have been around this block too many times, I am battle-worn and carry battle scars. Just like everyone else at my age, you can’t make it here without them.

But I don’t want to sound like some motivational speaker, I am not qualified for that shit. Deadlines though beatable can also be impossible. Time, money, let downs from a third party, or an impossible client can all be factors. All the positive platitudes or nearest self-righteous, self-help book will make no difference to that outcome. But we can learn, every moment is a teachable moment. We can still move forward in failure with our heads held high. We can ask for help to ease stress, we can take the time to think and reflect on our shortcomings so we don’t make the same mistakes twice.

What I have learned in my short time on Earth, is we each have to contribute. It doesn’t matter in what field, if it is for monetary or family reasons, you have to give a bit of yourself over to something, anything. If you succeed or fail, it does not matter. You learn just as much in defeat as you do in success, but you learn nothing by doing nothing. If you learn nothing, you can not evolve and no one wants that. At the end of the day, we all want to acquire new knowledge, new skills and grow as people.

In this day and age, it can be difficult. I have been just as guilty in not wanting to fail in a public forum. In 2019, the height of social media means that everything that you do is put under the watchful eye of everyone. That is such a huge weight to carry. To fail in public is difficult, but each of us has to put that at the back of our minds and get to work.

So get out there, smash it, set targets, meet deadlines and learn from both successes and failures. Just don’t sit there watching everyone else achieve, get to it.

Till the next reboot…

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