Everyday Reboot #29 – Sauna

In the changing rooms of the gym, the animal kingdom is on full display, for all to see. You have your alpha-males, pumped up, muscle-bound bodybuilders who want to discuss nothing only the optimum workout and corresponding supplements. Next, you have the silent assassins, like to keep themselves to themselves, the workout is for the mind as well as the body types. Groups of young lads laughing like hyenas, constantly on their phones, taking up valuable space as the rest of us just want to get on. Then my type, the unhealthy, but getting better type. I refer to us as the tortoises, we will get there in the end but we will take our time about it, thank you very much.

I have been working out 5 days a week since November 2018. As I type, I have lost a few pounds shy of 100lbs in that time. In all this time I had never even contemplated partaking in the sauna. You see, I was in awful shape. Think the UK equivalent of Boogie 2988, but at both of our biggest, I was 200lbs smaller. At that size, the last thing that you want to do, especially in front of chiselled men with muscles that look like they are carved out of stone, is show off your man boobs and spare tyre.

This week, however, the shower at home has gone kaput. So at the risk of bringing back the plague, I have had to change my post work out routine of running home for a shower, to that of having a shower at the gym.

Listening to the Joe Rogan podcast you are met with three constant messages, move around, eat fresh meat and sauna. Rogan has had medical and physical experts on his show to emphasise the importance that sauna can play to aid recovery and reduce stress and blood pressure.

My gym has a free sauna next to the shower and with me performing the diet coke advert in the changing room anyway, thought let’s give this a go. So this week after my workouts and before my shower, I have stepped into the sauna.

To be honest, I am kicking myself that I have not started this sooner. I feel fantastic, my muscles feel more relaxed, my skin has a lovely glow to it and my muscles feel less fatigue. Don’t get me wrong, I am no Eddie Hall. I lift light to moderate weights and my cardio is like that of a man who is still large. I am no athlete, but I still get aches and pains, though the sauna hasn’t cured them it has helped me relax.

When I first walked into the sauna there were three men all looking at the floor. Met by silence I spied a space and went for it, sat there trying to make myself look smaller than I am, in all my glory, plus boxer shorts. I found it difficult at first to deal with the heat, I even had a mini panic and left after a few minutes. Today I was sat in there for 15 minutes relaxing, sipping water and talking about football with half-naked strangers.

Last week I would have never attempted this, I’d have put it down to shyness and moved on. Now, I am no longer bothered that my shower due to being fixed in a few days, as I am going to the sauna and shower at the gym post-workout.

It is strange the things you will do when pushed just a little bit. I am glad because the benefits outweigh the negatives as far as I am concerned. If anyone has a problem with the look of my used beanbag like physique, that’s their problem.

Till the next reboot…

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