Everyday Reboot #25 – Hear Me Out

I was on the treadmill today in the gym, jogging away, minding my own business when an idea hit me like a lightning bolt. It isn’t a great idea and is probably more idealistic than problem-solving, but I thought I would jot it down here in case you want to also partake. I should also mention that this idea is based on being a fanatical sports fan. However, feel free to transfer this idea to whatever you are fanatical about.

As an aside, I should say that I have lost quite a bit of weight this year, nearly 100lbs at this point. What does that mean? Well, it means I need to replace all my clothes as they are all hanging off me. It also means that I can fit in clothes that are not meant for big men, like sports merchandise.

To celebrate losing all this weight, I wanted to buy a few sports tops from some of the leagues that I follow. I have already pre-ordered my local ice hockey teams home jersey for this season, but I also wanted to replace my New York Giants American football team jersey, that is now miles too big.

This has got me thinking. Of course, I could save up my money, log onto the NFL website and purchase a New York Giants football jersey, not a problem. However, the NFL is the richest league in the world, would they mind if I didn’t buy a jersey? Would they miss one person deciding not to purchase a piece of merchandise?

On the other side of the coin, it is not widely known that there is an American Football League in the United Kingdom. My local club is the Manchester Titans. The Titans play in the top tier BAFANL Premiership, which is often overlooked and an underrepresented alternative in the sports landscape in the UK.

Would it not be better for me to give my money to the Manchester Titans rather than that of the NFL? If I am being truly honest, I am a casual fan of American football. I am not going to watch all of the Giants games this season, nor am I going to travel to America to attend any of their games. This is the same of the Manchester Titans, currently, I do not plan to attend any of the games, nor will I watch any of their games on television, mainly due to the league not boasting any coverage.

By giving the Manchester Titans my business, it would mean survival for a club who do not attract big crowds, have a huge television deal, or lucrative sponsorships. The Titans are a community club, who serve my local community, so at least the money that I am spending stays in Manchester.

This may not be rocket science, but I think that if we look to our communities and be more thoughtful about how we spend our money, we could save or even improve local teams. So there you have it, I am going to be swapping my New York Giants jersey for a Manchester Titans jersey this season to hopefully help a local team in my community, will you?

Till the next reboot…

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