Everyday Reboot #22 – Content Provider

I have said it a few times around here that I do a bit of work for Short Lane Studios. I went to university with TJ, who is the owner and founder of Short Lane Studios. When he set up the studio a few years ago, TJ asked me to play some bass, write some articles, basically be a casual content provider. When your mates ask for help, you help. TJ has always had my back regarding this and it was only right that I return the favour.

Short Lane Studio is going through a bit of an identity crisis at the moment. TJ has had setbacks, including a flood at the studio, which rendered him out of commission for over a year. What TJ intended the studio to be is now evolving and changing, with TJ producing books and working on writing as well as audiovisual content.

In June, it was suggested that we should go on a camping trip. It’s been 10 years since we graduated from the University of Salford and although we didn’t realise that at the time, this was a perfect trip that metaphorically summed up our friendship.

We planned and prepared to film an informative camping vlog, throw in a few gags as salt and pepper over the top and present something that all the family could enjoy watching. The plan went out of the window, it rained for 90% of the time that we were in Wales, we didn’t shoot anything informative, nothing about the neighbouring towns of Dolgellau or Barmouth. If I am being honest, the film was a complete washout.

However, TJ has saved the day. What you see in the film is the sheer graft of a person who has thrown together random clips and forced them to work. We worked on the script together, but it was all TJ’s idea. He has brought together and made a cohesive film, that is largely about nothing and transformed it into an entertaining and funny piece.

I urge you to give the film a watch. I must warn you that the film has adult references that may not be suitable for all ages. Furthermore, I have written a piece about my thoughts on the trip in detail which you can find on the Short Lane Studio official website.

Till the next reboot…

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