Everyday Reboot #20 – Transfer Window

Forgive me, I am going to rant a little in today’s Everyday Reboot, so if you would like to either view yesterdays or wait till tomorrows I perfectly understand.

The transfer window is a modern system in the world of football. A transfer window is a time where clubs can conduct the business of transferring players from team to team. Clubs can only pay a fee for a player, loan or swap players during the transfer window. However, business arrangements can be agreed and made outside the transfer window the player(s) can only join their new club within a transfer window. Players who are out of contract can sign with a club outside of the transfer window.

When I was a lad, oh here we go, you know it’s going to be a good moan when you go back to your youth to pull out an argument, we didn’t have a transfer window. Football clubs in England were allowed to transfer players between clubs throughout the season until the 31st March.

In the 2002/2003 season, a transfer window was introduced across Europe. Before this, countries such as Italy had already adopted a transfer window within their league structure. In the name fairness, a transfer window was brought in so that clubs would have to conduct their business in the offseason (summer months) or January (winter break).

There have been many sceptics of the transfer window. At the time it was introduced, many of the lower league clubs in England and Scotland were vocal against the implementation of a transfer window. Many chairman and club directors stated that a lack of finances at the bottom of the football pyramid, coupled with the lack of ability to sell players throughout the year would make smaller clubs financially rigid, which would see clubs fold as a consequence.

Though there have been clubs who have had financial difficulties, some that did cease trading since the transfer window was introduced, the transfer window was not to blame. Halifax Town. Glasgow Rangers, Darlington, Chester City are among some of the clubs that filed for bankruptcy and had to start at the bottom of their respective pyramids. Though it was a travesty for each of the clubs, the transfer window was not to blame for each of them going out of business.

I like the transfer window, I think that it brings excitement to the proceedings. Transfer deadline day has become a staple talking point twice a year, who is going to move, can clubs get the deal over the line in time? It has added another dimension of excitement to the game.

The transfer window was brought in throughout Europe to produce a level playing field. With the UEFA Champions League becoming bigger year on year a standardised set of rules across the governing body was fundamental.

However, currently, each country has a different start and end for their respective transfer windows. While the transfer window is now shut in England, teams in Italy, France, Germany and Spain can still conduct business up until the 2nd September. Teams in Scotland, who is part of the UK (at the time of writing) have a deadline of the 1st September.

I find that this contradicts why the governing body introduced the transfer window in the first place. How is it that teams in England can not purchase players but rival teams in other nations can? Not only can teams on the continent purchase players but they can purchase players from English clubs, while English clubs are powerless to find replacements.

In my opinion, a transfer window should be implemented for each of the FIFA governing bodies. For example, all nations under UEFA, which is the European governing body, should have a universal transfer window. Teams across Europe have the opportunity to compete with each other in the Champions or Europa League. Due to this direct competition, the rules should be made fair across the board. Without standardised parameters of the rules, clubs that compete with each other can gain an advantage over others, which is categorically not fair.

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