Everyday Reboot #20 – Take Your Time

I come to you today dear reader, not from my back bedroom which I call a home office, but from a communal workspace in Manchester named Ziferblat.

Ziferblat is a sort of freelancers timeshare. I know, I was a little confused at first, but let me explain.

Ziferblat supply an environment to facilitate work, meetings, events and get together’s. I am in the main room at the moment and is equipped with a range of soft and hard furnishings, couches and coffee tables or desks and chairs.

This location is one of two in Manchester and has high-speed internet, food, drinks and printing facilities available. However, instead of paying for the use of the internet, the food or drink or printing facilities each patron pays for the time they spend in the facility.

I know, weird right?

But as I sit here, full of homemade salad, which was fresh and tasty and sipping a cup of coffee whilst composing today’s Everyday Reboot, I can tell you it works and is excellent.

I am surrounded by like-minded people who are all working. I lift my head from my laptop and I see computer programmers, writers, illustrators, entrepreneurs striking deals. This is a place that is tailored made to get work done in an environment that is comfortable and peaceful.

The rate is highly competitive too. All they charge for this service is 8 pence per minute. Which works out to about £4.80 an hour. I mean, where else in the centre of Manchester can one get fresh food, a drink and a place to work for an hour uninterrupted at that price? For freelancers like myself, where you have to count every penny, it represents excellent value for money.

All Ziferblat ask in return for using their space, is that you remain conscious of the people working around you and that anything you may use from the kitchen is rinsed after use. 

I have used this space for an hour today, I wanted to get a feel for what it is like to work in a communal space like this. I have got to admit, that I am thoroughly impressed. Although I am not being paid to endorse this facility, I can recommend it to any freelance or creative looking for a place to work in the centre of Manchester.

Till the next reboot…

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