Everyday Reboot #12 – Point To Prove

The 2019/2020 Elite Ice Hockey League season starts next month. I for one am looking forward to covering the Manchester Storm for the online ice hockey magazine, Chasing The Puck. It is an honour to have the opportunity to write articles for an established audience whilst, hopefully, bring new eyes to the sport. This is a responsibility and challenge that I am taking seriously and looking forward to.

Today I have applied to the league for media accreditation so that I can attend games as a member of the press. Given my short time as a sports journalist and that the publication that I write for is online, I would understand if my application was refused.

I am under no illusion that I have a point to prove, especially at the start of my new journey as a writer. I do not have a wealth of experience at a newspaper or magazine, I have not published a book. But, what I lack for in experience I more than make up for with a passion and a willingness to improve every day.

I am improving with each article that I write. Since starting at Chasing The Puck I have written six articles. Each of the articles has been a transfer story, reporting on either a player joining or leaving the Manchester Storm. When I look back at my first article for Chasing The Puck, I notice that it is rather flabby and misses its purpose for the intended audience. This is a stark contrast from my latest article, which is punchy, direct and to the point brimming with information rather than hyperbole and conjecture. When I look at both articles side by side it is difficult to tell that they were written by the same journalist.

In the time between the publication of both articles I have been reading sports articles on the BBC Sport app, Sky Sports app, NHL.com and articles penned by my colleagues at Chasing The Puck. It has been important for me to do active research, to get a sense of how I should approach these articles and what the reader expects to get out of them.

In the writing room at Chasing The Puck, I have explained to the editor and my colleagues that I am eager to learn and get better. I have had some excellent feedback, that has been constructive. Telling me where I have been going right is just as important as where I have been going wrong.

But the feedback and research mean nothing if you are not willing to put it into practice. I am committed to becoming the best writer that I can be. To do this I know that I need to write every day, and although this blog is a different style of writing, keeping to a daily deadline keeps my writing muscles warm, ready to attack the next article.

I am the type of person that takes his creative endeavours seriously, I love to laugh and lark about, but I treat my writing as a job. It helps me remain focussed on the task in hand. I know where I want to be in a year, five years and in ten years time, but I also know the work and dedication it is going to take for me to get there.

I have a point to prove, and I am allowing that to fuel my ambition so that my writing skills get stronger. So I will keep going, keep writing, keep smashing deadlines and improving every day.

Till the next reboot…

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